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Twitter Chat: Fired Up and Fed Up With Mexico’s Drug War

Margaret Warner in a mass grave site in Juarez, Mexico. Photo by Morgan Till/NewsHour.

Just days before Mexicans vote for their next president on Sunday, one of the hottest topics on voters’ minds is the violence connected to drug-trafficking. On Wednesday, NewsHour senior correspondent Margaret Warner hosted a Twitter conversation from Mexico on what to do about the drug war.

Five reporters and analysts with varying perspectives joined Warner for a conversation in English and Spanish at #MXdrugwar. We’ve posted some highlights. Participants included:

  • Hernan Rozemberg (@scribehernan), a reporter with the Changing America Desk (@fronterasdesk);
  • Cesar Rodriguez (@cesar_rodriguez), a crime beat reporter for Tiempo de Laredo, Spanish-language edition of Laredo Morning Times (@LMTTiempo);
  • Alejandro Madrazo Lajous (@BuenMadrazo), a research fellow at CIDE in Mexico;
  • Sylvia Longmire (@drugwaranalyst), author of “Cartel – The Coming Invasion of Mexico’s Drug Wars”; and
  • Ray Walser (@heritageanalyst), senior policy analyst covering Latin America at the Heritage Foundation (@Heritage).

Warner opened the debate with this question:






What can be done about the criminal cartels?







What does the United States need to do?





The topic came up of how the failed U.S. gun-running sting, dubbed Fast and Furious, affected dynamics between the two countries:





How is the drug question playing in Mexico’s elections?





The path ahead:


Wednesday’s report on the NewsHour focused on the high costs of Mexico’s drug war:

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